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NB: Shortcodes are available only with Attesa PRO plugin.

On this page you will find the list of shortcodes available for Attesa PRO addon (it will be updated every time new shortocodes are inserted).

Ajax Search

The shortcode to use to show an ajax search box is:


The shortcode can be customized with some settings:

  • placeholder: if you want to change the placeholder text.
  • image: yes/no if you wanto to show/hide the featured images in the search box.
  • posttype: if you want to show results only for a specific post type (post, page, product, etc…).
  • elements: the number of elements you want to show.
  • allresults: yes/no if you want to show/hide the link to all results at the end.

Example of shortcode with custom settings:

[attesa-ajax-search placeholder="Search here..." image="no" elements="10"]