About Me

Hi, my name is Rizzo Andrea from Italy and I am the founder of AttesaWP, a free WordPress theme with the possibility to extend its functionality through free and PRO plugins.

My passion for WordPress was born in 2009 when I created my first blog in order to understand how WordPress worked since my knowledge was zero, and since 2014 I started to get interested in WordPress development. In fact in 2015 I created CrestaProject.com, a website where I collect all my WordPress projects (themes and plugins) created from 2015 to today.

In addition, since January 2020, I have been collaborating with another person on WPSpecial.com where we create sites and we provide professional WordPress support services (currently only in Italian).

During these years I have learned a lot and tried to improve my skills on WordPress, and in January 2019 I started developing AttesaWP with the aim of putting together all my knowledge in a single project.

My goal with Attesa theme is to create a WordPress theme that can gather most of the basic functionality of a theme with the possibility of extending them through the use of specific plugins (Attesa Extra and Attesa PRO), but at the same time look for to make the theme very simple and intuitive to set.

I hope you can appreciate Attesa theme, its simplicity, extensibility and above all its potential.
If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me and send me the message with your suggestions, I’ll be happy to read them 😉