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Custom Sidebars

NB: Custom Sidebars is available only with Attesa PRO plugin.

This option allows you to create custom sidebars and use them in the pages you prefer instead of showing the classic sidebar.

Let’s take an example: suppose we have the classic sidebar with some widgets throughout the website, but in the “shop” page we want to show other widgets only for this page. Creating a custom sidebar will allow us to solve this problem.

Go in your WordPress Dashboard under “Attesa Theme-> Attesa Sidebars” and create a new sidebar. Name the sidebar and save.

Ok, the custom sidebar is now created! Now go on “Appearance-> Widgets” and you will see the new sidebar along with the other sidebars already available on the Attesa Theme.

Now drag the widgets you want to show in this custom sidebar and save the settings.

The last step is to choose the page (or pages) in which we want to show the custom sidebar.
To do this, create o edit the page you want to show this sidebar, go under the content and find the “Attesa Extra Theme Options” box.
Now go under the “Widgets Settings” tab and set “Classic Sidebar Display” to “Show Classic Sidebar” (or use “Push Sidebar Display” if you want to replace the push sidebar).
At this point a box will appear “Select the sidebar you want to show as Classic Sidebar” where all the sidebars recorded on the website will be present, choose the sidebar you just created (in this case “WooCommerce Sidebar”)

Save the page and the custom sidebar will be visible on the chosen page instead of the classic sidebar.