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Custom Sliders

NB: Custom Sliders is available only with Attesa PRO plugin.

This option allows you to create custom sliders to show where you prefer (within posts, pages, widgets, Elementor, etc …) by simply pasting the shortcode.
Sliders can show any post type (ie posts, pages or custom post type) and you can customize their style.

To create a slider, go in your WordPress Dashboard under “Attesa Sliders-> Add New“. At this point you will have the possibility to customize the slider in every aspect using the special box.

In the “General Settings” tab you can choose some technical aspects of the slider, such as the number of photos per slide, the size of the images, whether to show the title and the excerpt, etc …
In the “Query Settings” tab you can choose the structure of the slider, whether to use a post type to show the slide (ie posts, pages or custom post type) or use a custom structure and choose the ID of each page you want to show separated by a comma.
In the “Style Settings” tab you can customize the graphic part of the slider, so the color of the text, the links, the font size, the margin between one photo and another, the speed of the slide, etc …

When you are done customizing the slide, save the page and copy the shortocode that is in the right bar of the page

Now you can paste the shortcode where you want to show the slider, you can paste it into posts, pages, widgets, Elementor blocks, or in the “Shortcodes” section of “Attesa Extra Theme Options” of every single page or posts.

The result is similar to this but may vary depending on the settings used.