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Footer Callouts

NB: Footer Callout is available only with Attesa PRO plugin.

This option allows you to show a “call to action” at the bottom of the website, just before the footer. Useful to attract your users to perform an action before they leave your website.

To use this feature, go in your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> Footer Callout” and check the option “Use Footer Callout“.
Now you can create your footer callout, choose in which post types to show the footer callout, insert the title, subtitle, button with link and image, you can also customize the background color, the color of the text and the button.

This is an example of a footer callout created with classic options, the results may vary based on the colors and settings chosen:

Use Attesa Template to create Footer Callout

You can also decide to create a custom callout footer using Attesa Templates, this can be useful if you need to create more complex footer callouts.
Go to your WordPress Dashboard under “Attesa Theme-> Custom Templates” and create a new template which will be shown in your footer callout.
If you want to create a complex graphic structure I suggest you to edit the template with Elementor plugin, in this way you can create splendid footer callouts in a few minutes.
Then go to “Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> Footer Callout“, find the option “Choose what to display” and select “Custom via Attesa Templates“. Now you can select the template you just created and this will be shown in the footer callout.

Manage the footer callout individually

You can choose to show or hide the footer callout for each individual post, page or custom post type.
To do this, create or edit a page, under the content you will find the “Attesa Extra Theme Options” box.
Select the “Footer Callout Settings” tab and you can decide whether to hide or show the general footer callout for that specific page.
Not only that, you can also decide to create an exclusive footer callout for that specific page or even choose a custom template.