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Push Sidebar

In this theme, we define “Push Sidebar” the sidebar that appears from outside the screen when you click on the appropriate button (hamburger button in the header section).

If you plan to manage the push sidebar, go to your WordPress Dashboard in “Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> Push Sidebar Settings“.

In this section you can choose where to show the push sidebar (entire website or you can choose some pages or taxonomies of the website).

Moreover it is possible to choose the position of the sidebar (entry from right or left) and choose to activate opacity on the website when the push sidebar is open.

Edit the push sidebar settings individually

You can change these settings individually for each page / post using the “Attesa Extra Theme Options” box.

Just edit or create a new page, find the box called “Attesa Extra Theme Options”, go to the “Widgets Settings” tab and you can choose to hide/show the push sidebar and where to show it (entry from right or left).

NB: to edit the sidebar settings individually, Attesa-Extra plugin must be installed and active on your website.