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Blog settings

If you need to change some settings on the main blog page, go in your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> Posts and Pages Settings” and you’ll find a box called “Main Blog Page“.

Here you can choose how to show the list of posts, you can decide to show all posts in full, or just the excerpt (with the ability to choose the number of words to show), or show them as a grid with the ability to decide the number of columns.
You can also decide to show or not the featured image of each post in the posts list.

With Attesa PRO version you will have the possibility to show the items in “Masonry Style“, similar to the “Grid style” but the positioning of the items adapts to the space, demo here.
Moreover you will have the possibility to activate “Infinite Scroll” to show the posts automatically as the user scroll down in the blog page.