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How to change theme colors

Go in your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> Colors Settings“.

The colors of the theme are divided into sections: general colors, top bar colors, classic sidebar colors, push sidebar colors and footer colors.
For each section you can choose the color of the text, the background, the color of the links, borders, etc.

However we recommend using a consistent color scheme in order to have a pleasant result.

Change the color scheme of a single page with Attesa Extra plugin

With Attesa Extra plugin, you can customize the color of every single page in case you need it.

Edit or create a page/post, under the content box you will find a box called “Attesa Extra Theme Options” , go to the “Colors Settings” tab and choose which color you want to change with respect to the general options of the theme.

These changes will be valid only for the page in question.