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Post and page settings

If you want to customize the appearance of your posts or pages, just go in your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> Posts and Pages Settings” and you’ll find 1 box called “Single blog posts” and 1 box called “Single pages“.

The box “Single Blog Posts” allows you to change the appearance of the individual pages of posts, while the “Single Pages” box relates to individual pages.

These boxes allow you to choose how to show the featured image.
If set “Featured image inside the content“, the featured image (if set) will be visibile in a classic way, immediately after the title and before the content of the page.

Instead, if set as “Big featured image in the header“, the featured image will be positioned at the top of the page in full-width mode with the possibility to choose the height of the box, the opacity and choose whether to show the page title in the image or inside the content.

Edit post and page settings individually with Attesa Extra

These settings can be changed individually for each page or post using free Attesa Extra plugin.
Just create or edit the page/post you want to change and find the box called “Attesa Extra Theme Options“.
Go to the “Page Settings or Post Settings” section and change the settings of the featured image for that single page or post.