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How to change the website width

Go in your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> General Settings“.
In this tab you’ll find the section “Site Width Section” that allows you to manage the overall width of the website (default is 1240px width).

Furthermore you can also choose the website structure (wide or boxed), the content side percentage compared to the sidebar, and the content side percentage when the page does not have a sidebar.

Change the site width of a single page with Attesa Extra plugin

With Attesa Extra plugin, you can customize the site width and structure of every single page in case you need it.

Edit or create a page/post, under the content box you will find a box called “Attesa Extra Theme Options” , go to the  “General Settings” tab, activate it and you will be able to edit the site width, site structure and so on.