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Footer Settings

The AttesaWP footer section can be completely customizable.
By default, the footer section contains “Footer Widgets” where you can place widgets (a short guide here) or you can customize the footer using Attesa Templates.

To customize your footer with Attesa Templates, go to your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> Footer Settings“, find the option called “Choose the footer” and set it to “Custom via Attesa Templates“.
Now you can select your custom template which will be shown in the footer.

How to create custom template

To create a custom template to be used, for example, in the footer, go to your WordPress Dashboard under “Attesa Theme-> Custom Templates“.
Here you can create your custom templates and give vent to your imagination 🙂
You can also create templates by editing them with Elementor plugin, in this way you will have the possibility to create complex structures to show in the footer or wherever you prefer.

If you want to create a custom template with Elementor, I suggest you set the template to “Elementor Canvas“.

NB: to use custom templates, Attesa-Extra plugin must be installed and active on your website.