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NB: Shortcodes are available only with Attesa Extra plugin.

On this page you will find the list of shortcodes available for Attesa Extra addon (it will be updated every time new shortocodes are inserted).

Show current year

Very useful for showing the current year in the footer of your website (Appearance-> Customize-> Attesa Theme Options-> Footer Settings-> Copyright Text”).


This shortcode will display the current year, like this example:


Or you can display the year of creation of your website in combination with the current year using this shortcode:

[attesa_date year="2018"]

The result will be like this example:

2018 - 2024

Show the copyright symbol

Simple shortcode useful for showing the copyright symbol on your website.


The result will be like this example:


Show the registered trademark symbol

If you need to show the trademark symbol.


The result will be like this example:


Generate QRcode

Useful shortcode to quickly generate QRcodes

[attesa_qrcode url="https://attesawp.com" size="300" position="left" color="#000000" background="#ffffff"]

The result will be like this example:

The QRcode shortcode accepts these settings:

  • url: the url of the site to which we want to generate the qrcode;
  • size: the size of the qrcode (example 500)
  • color: the color of the qrcode (example #000000)
  • background: the background color of the qrcode (example #ffffff)
  • format: the format of the qrcode (png | gif | jpg | svg)
  • position: position of the qrcode inside the box (center | left | right)