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Edit settings for single post/page

When you create or edit a post or page with Attesa Theme, you will find a box immediately after the content, called “Attesa Extra Theme Options“.

The role of this box is very important because it allows you to change many main options (set through the customizer) exclusively for that specific page.

Example: suppose we have set from the customizer that the classic sidebar must be shown on all pages of the website.
Then we decide that on a specific page we want to show the content without the classic sidebar. In this case the “Attesa Extra Theme Options” panel can be of help to us.
Just edit the page you want to hide the classic sidebar, go in the “Attesa Extra Theme Options” panel under the “Widgets Settings” and we can set the “Classic Sidebar Display” to “Hide Classic Sidebar

In this way the classic sidebar will not be visible only on the page where we made this change.

This applies to many other options, such as the choice of how to show the featured image, change the border radius of the elements, the max-width of the page, the structure of the page, change all colors, add shortcodes in certain page positions , etc…

NB: to carry out this operation, Attesa-Extra plugin must be installed and active on your website.