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Set full-width page for page builder

If you intend to create a page entirely with a plugin page builder (for example with Elementor) then you may need to set the page to 100% full width to give the page builder full control over the spaces.

To do this, create or edit the page in question, go to the “Attesa Extra Theme Options” panel and select the “General Settings” tab.

Now enable the “General Settings” section and activate the “Set this page 100% full width” option.

In this way the page will be 100% full width, without sidebar and without any kind of padding, in this way you will be able to manage the spaces entirely with the page builder.

You can also decide to activate the “Overlay content to header” option, in this case the content generated by the page builder will overlap the header to create a uniformity effect (you can see an example in the Business Demo). It is advisable to activate this option only if there are large images, sliders or colored background at the top of the page.

NB: to carry out this operation, Attesa-Extra plugin must be installed and active on your website.