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Import demo content

The requirements to import demo content are:
– Attesa Theme
– Attesa Extra Plugin

If you also have Attesa PRO plugin you can import new exclusive demo content for the PRO version.

Once Attesa theme and Attesa Extra plugin are installed and active, go to your WordPress Dashboard under “Attesa Theme-> Install Demos“. Here you will find all the available demos with the possibility to see the live preview.
Click on the demo you want to import, the first step will show you the plugins you need to install to correctly import the demo, the second step will ask you what to import (demo content, theme options settings and widgets).
Finally click on the “Install this demo” button, wait patiently for the import to finish, and then take a look at your website to see the result.

AttesaWP – How to import demo content

The imported demo is not exactly as it should be

This can happen if your website already has pages, posts and some settings. Usually you get a perfect result after starting a new WordPress installation (empty website)

Error during import

There can be various reasons why you get error when importing demo content.
One reason could be that AttesaWP.com is momentarily down, in this case make sure that AttesaWP.com is correctly visible.
Other reasons may be related to your hosting and some blocks related to the import of content.
In this case, try to contact your web host and ask him to increase your memory_limit in the php.ini file.
If this doesn’t solve the issue, ask your host if the UnZip and the DomDocument are installed on your server.